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The Story Behind TheeBella

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website and brand, TheeBella! TheeBella is an online U.S. distributor that sells international beauty products from all over the world. To get to know the brand better, we decided to sit down with Elsa Jimenez, the founder and owner of TheeBella. Let’s get started!

Q1: So, Elsa, what inspired you to create the brand, TheeBella?

Elsa Maria Jimenez-Salgado

A1: I think I should give some credit to my friends. My friends and I were out enjoying our monthly girls night out at dinner when one of my friends started talking about her next trip to Latin America. Everybody at dinner started asking her if she could bring them back a tube or two of IM mascara during her upcoming visit. It was then that a light bulb went off in my head and my entrepreneurial spirit took over – I need to bring IM mascara and other beauty products that international people know and love to the United States! Just like that, TheeBella was born.

Q2: Can you briefly describe the vision or brand of TheeBella.

A2: I see beauty as a universal concept, basically what inspired me to create TheeBella is that all women around the world like to feel beautiful. I want TheeBella to become a resource for women to acquire beauty products that are top sellers in other countries, that are made with natural elements and are not easy to find in the U.S. market.

Q3: What’s the story behind the name “TheeBella” ?

A3: I wanted to have a catchy name, something that people would remember. I also had to use one word in Spanish because I had to give some credit to the fabulous beauty product (IM mascara) from Latin America that inspired me. I chose the word “bella” because it means “beautiful” in Spanish.

Q4: What about this makeup makes you happy? Why do you want to share this mascara with all of us in the U.S.?

Mamey Seed Mascara - TheeBella

A4: The fact that I am sharing a great product, made with natural elements that will enhance that natural beauty of our customers makes me happy. It is also a product that has proved it’s great success not only in Latin America, but globally too. IM mascara is exploding in the European market!

Q5: Right now your store contains primarily IM mascara. Do you think you will expand your product line in the future and if so what kind of brands or products can shoppers expect to see?

A5: Ohh definitely, IM is just the beginning, we are going to bring more novelty products to our customers that are not easy to find in retail stores or online in the United States.

Q6: Is there anything else you want your shoppers to know about TheeBella?

IM Mamey Seed Mascara

A6: TheeBella believes in the simplicity of beautiful, in just a few words the formula is very simple, every woman is already beautiful, we are just providing the tools to enhance what’s already there.

To learn more about TheeBella and to keep up with Elsa’s journey as the new owner of this online beauty store, follow TheeBella on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Don’t forget to shop TheeBella’s amazing international mascaras and let us know how you like them by using the #TheeBellaMascara.