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My Makeup By Edna Partnership

TheeBella is excited to announce our partnership with beauty guru, Edna at Makeup By EdNa. Edna will be coming out with a series of makeup tip videos that will feature TheeBella mascaras. Check out her intro video below!

TheeBella Products Tutorials by Edna Luna

Posted by My Makeup by EdNa on Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Little Bit About Edna

Edna is a certified makeup artist from Mexico. She has years of experience creating gorgeous makeup looks with quality products! Edna constantly offers high-end makeup classes for her clients and she operates out of Chicago, IL. Edna LOVES and recommends TheeBella’s amazing natural mascaras and she will be creating these videos with tips and tricks to make the best looks with our products.

Have you ever tried to do a unique makeup look and not loved the results? Watch Edna’s tutorial videos! Her expertise coupled with our amazing mascaras will help you create your best look!

Stay Tuned for More Makeup Tutorials

There are more videos on the way! Stay tuned at TheeBella to check out all of My Makeup By EdNa’s video tutorials to see how she uses our natural mascaras to complete her gorgeous makeup looks! In the meantime, go like Edna on Facebook and shop our gorgeous mascara collection which is now ALL on sale!