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Benefits of Mamey Seed Oil Mascara

Long, voluminous lashes are every girl’s dream! Looking for the perfect mascara to achieve this goal can be frustrating, but the beauty experts of Latin America all agree that TheeBella’s bestsellers of IM Cosmetics are the best place to start your hunt for the right mascara.

At TheeBella, we are excited to provide IM mascaras and eyeliner–all made with 90% natural ingredients. Our bestseller is the IM Mascara Para Pestanas Con Aceeite de Hueso de Mamey, or Mascara with Mamey Seed Oil.

This special ingredient is excellent in promoting eyelash growth and conditioning, making this mascara the most popular kind in Mexico. The mascaras Latin American recognition even got it featured on Refinery29 last year!

About IM Mascara and Mamey Seed Oil

IM’s cosmetic line was created 25 years ago by Irma Miranda and its trademark mascara was made using mamey seed oil as its main ingredient. “The main ingredient in the mascara is mamey seed oil which, alongside other ingredients like vegetables and oils, lets the product thicken, darken and lengthen even the thinnest eyelashes with no irritation,” said IM to the Latin Times.

The mamey tree grows only in South America and the West Indies. It is used as a topical treatment for a variety of ailments in these parts of the world, including parasitic skin diseases and head lice.

Check Out That Natural Eyelash Growth!

Here is a before-and-after of the effects that the Mamey Seed Oil Mascara had on Chloe from Cute Language:


eyelashes before mamey seed oil mascara


after mamey seed oil mascara

More About Mamey

The Mamey Seed Oil Mascara is considered the most popular in Mexico and it is natural, holistic, and nutrient-rich. The Mamey Seed Oil Mascara’s lash-growing properties gives your eyelashes great lengths–even when you wash it off.

To remove the mascara, rinse with warm water and wipe with coconut oil.

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